Another CA – Try R, and so I did

I have been using SPSS. A lot. Like most people using it, there are parts with which I was confident and content, and other parts (most of SPSS) that where guess work or following a cookbook in the hope that what I am doing is not outlandishly and obviously wrong. I had heard of R for a long time but it never seemed necessary to have¬† a closer look at it. That changed with the part-time course I’m attending, where the task were:

To complete the free course on on R: Try R, evidenced by a screenshot, like this one:


Furthermore, the requirements were :

“Based on this course, please create an example use case based on some data that you have created.

Use the R Graphics to visualise the data.”

I have run out of ideas. I had big plans: collecting data on the influence of films on popular baby names, the influence of popular baby names on popular pet names, the influence of names on academic achievement (I seem to remember that students whose name start with A get more often A’s than other students, and that people with the first name ‘Kevin’ do worse than statistically probable in Germany while the reverse is true for ‘Sofias’. But as much interest I had in these areas (and fully aware that this will not be a case of ‘if-you’re-interested-in-it-it’s-going-to-be-interesting-to-somebody-else’ i decided to have a go on some simple data.

If I find something interesting to count in the office on Monday, I will. If it’s not covered by the confidentiality agreement I signed, then I will have a go at R, and see if I uncover something amazing. It might involve the canteen options, or the number of sneezes, or the amount of swearing around me.

But until then, this is a bar chart of the high temperatures in January in Dublin

barplot hi

It can be seen that it was pretty warm overall in January  with spring like temperatures towards the end, and a little slump in the middle of January. On the 30th a surprise slump occurred. When I looked at the low temperatures for January I really was surprised to find that according to there was only one day when the temperatures went below zero.

barplot lo

I am not sure where the frost on the roofs I could see in the mornings came from, but it is also true that my geraniums have not died and a yucca on the balcony seems pretty perky. So maybe it is true.

I also took bar charts of the historic low and high, but they are pretty flat – as would seem obvious with averages taken over a long period of time.

barplot his_hi barplot his_lo

It would be lovely to see though, if there really is a slump for the “ice saints” namely the ‘Cold Sophie’ (probably one of the Germans academically excelling, a group of three or so days in May that are said to be much colder than all the surrounding days, and maybe that’s what I will do next. Or really see that since it doesn’t rain in Ireland as much as it used to (really?) it rains more on the continent.

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